There's No Place Like Home

KARNS GAME (Home) - Friday, September 29th, 2017

All instrumental students will arrive in MARCHING UNIFORM. Jackets will be closed, students may carry their gauntlets and gloves, and all will wear TALL BLACK SOCKS!
Color Guard will have a uniform plan with Ms. Sharp.

Since it's Homecoming, the band will march into the stadium in front of the Homecoming Court. The band will then perform their half-time show and pre-game. We are also celebrating ORHS Band Alumni Night. Alumni will join the band for the pre-game show as well as in the stands during the game.

Tell your friends and family that "Danza del Toro" will be performed at pre-game so that they don't miss out!

6:15 PM - All students will meet at the trailer to get instruments, shakos and plumes, and wait for instructions from directors. Give yourself plenty of time to be EARLY because the entire area around the stadium will be congested.

10:00 PM(est) - Game ends.Parents please pick up your students in a timely manner after the game.

Uniform Note - The ORHS Band stays in uniform all evening. Jackets are not taken off inside the stadium. Always hang or gently/respectfully handle your uniform when changing. Band students are very visible, so we want to always present a positive image to the community.


ORHS Band Home Game Rules/Policies.

You must sit with your section during the game. We are performing, and need to be in sections to sound our best.

Only current Band members may sit/stand in the band section. Please visit with your 'non-band' friends before or after the game.

Your performance at a game is part of the class, and all school rules apply.

No cell phone use during games. Cell phones should be stored in cases/bags or marching jacket pockets (if they fit without fear of falling on field). Emergency situations should be addressed with the directors. Arrangements to meet parents/guardians for transportation should be made prior to or after game.

If you should need to leave the band seating area for any reason you must first check with a director/chaperone.

No eating or concessions during the game. Food is bad for your instrument, and as we have learned through experience, bad for the appearance of your uniform.

You are responsible for loading your instrument and equipment onto the trailer after the game. Please do not expect someone else to do this for you.

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